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Da Finch was sent by his father to his friend, the famous painter and sculptor Vee Lo Keogh workshop as an apprentice.

Da Finch is originally a teacher in order to see light suddenly, he observed things and the ability to grasp the image! Since then, he avidly training basic painting skills, learning all kinds of art and scientific knowledge, he later in painting and other aspects made outstanding achievements, a solid foundation.

After Da Finch came to the workshop, the teacher Vee Lo Keogh took an egg to make him painting. Da Finch quickly drew a few, but the teacher let him continue to paint, for a few days is the case. Da Finch finally impatient, think the teacher underestimated him, let him draw such a simple egg. Teacher read his thoughts, meaningfully say: "this egg is not simple, the world no two exactly the same egg, even the same egg, due to the different observation angles, different light, its shape is not the same ah."