Zabbix + Grafana + LAMP + Webmin Monitoring Solution Powered by Sain3 (HVM)

Zabbix, the enterprise-class monitoring solution, is designed for monitoring metrics of servers in real time.

Including Zabbix, Grafana & Grafana-Zabbix Plugin, this Sain3 community AMI provides an all-in-one monitoring solution.

AWS Community AMI
Region US East(N. Virginia)
AMI Name SAIN3-SKU-CAMI-1001-ZabbixV3.0-GrafanaV2.5-HVM-20160301-v1
AMI ID ami-ef162885
Operating System username ubuntu

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  • Sain3 Community AMI on AWS is FREE.
  • All in one monitoring solution.
  • One click to install. Quick and responsive deployment.

Usage Instructions


Before you start to access the system, please ensure the Status Checks of the instance in the AWS Console turns to 2/2 checks passed, or the initialization process might be interrupted and the software configuration fails. It takes about 5-10 mins.


Please replace the instance ID with the actual instance ID of your running EC2 instance, and the public DNS your actual public DNS address.

Security Group


For security, it is better to configure the sources of port 22, 10000 & 3000 with your own IP address.

Type Protocol Port range Source
SSH TCP 22 or your IP
Custom TCP Rule TCP 10000 or your IP
Custom TCP Rule TCP 3000 or your IP

Default Settings

  1. Zabbix:

Username: Admin

Password: <instance ID>

  1. Grafana:

Username: admin

Password: admin

  1. Webmin / MySQL:

Username: root

Password: <instance ID>

Access the System

  1. Visit your Zabbix.

<public DNS>/zabbix

Username: Admin, password:<instance ID>.

  1. Visit your Grafana.

<public DNS>:3000

Username: admin, password: admin


For security, remember to change your Grafana password right after you login to it.

  1. Webmin

<public DNS>:10000

Username: root, password:<instance ID>.

  1. You can manage MySQL through Webmin.

Login to webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database Server.

Username: root, password:<instance ID>.

How to use Grafana-Zabbix?

  1. Login to Grafana and remember to change the default password.
  2. Grafana panel – Data Sources in the sidebar – Add new:
Name zabbix3.0
Type Zabbix
Url http://yourInstancePublicIP/zabbix/api_jsonrpc.php
Access direct
User Admin
Password yourInstanceID

Click button Add. Then click button Test Connection and you may see Success. If not, please check up the information above.

Click button Save.

  1. Grafana panel – Dashboards in the sidebar – Home – click button New on the bottom – click the green widget – Add Panel – Graph – click the title name – Edit – Metrics.

Select zabbix3.0 as Datasource in the lower right corner.

Click Query:

Alias Test
Group Zabbix servers
Host Zabbix server
Application CPU
Item All (or select the one you like)

After about one minute, you may see the graph. Now it is working!

How to launch the AMI in another region?

Currently we only provide the AMI in N. Virginia region, it takes a few steps to use the AMI in another region.

  1. Launch an instance from the AMI powered by Sain3 in N. Virginia region.
Ensure the Status Checks of the instance in the AWS Console turns to 2/2 checks passed.
  1. Right click on the instance – Image – Create Image – Image Name (fill in with a name you can identify) – click the Create Image button.
After a few minutes, the new AMI will be successfully created. Then, take note of the instance ID and remember to terminate the idle instance in N. Virginia region.
  1. Find the AMI created by you in N. Virginia region on AWS console. Right click on the AMI – Copy AMI – Destination region (select the region you like) – click Copy AMI button.

Switch to the new region you selected on AWS console and ensure the AMI is successfully created.

Now you can launch new instances from the AMI in the new region. The passwords of Zabbix, MySQL & Webmin are the previous instance ID.

Cannot Access to Webmin

  1. After the “Status Checks” of the instance in AWS Console turns to “2/2 checks passed” can you start to access the system, or the initialization process might be interrupted and fail.
  2. Make sure port 10000 is in your security group.

Type: Custom TCP Rule

Protocol: TCP

Port range: 10000





Grafana-Zabbix Plugin User Guide

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