Italian Cured Mullet Fish Roe

Italian Cured Mullet Fish Roe

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Ingredients:Mullet Fish Roe



Bottarga is an incredibly intense, briney delicacy made from the roe of wild caught Striped Mullet fish cured in it's own natural casing. These sacs, each containing two lobes of extremely fine roe, are cleaned, enrobed in course salt, then naturally sun dried or dehydrated until reaching their perfect cure level, a somewhat hard, sausage like consistency. They are then immediately preserved in shrink wrap and can be kept safely for months at room temperature until consumed. Enjoy Bottarga cut in thin slices with your favorite apperitif, or grate it like truffles on top of rice, pasta, eggs, toast and much more! Turn your ordinary dishes into culinary delights! Used by such chefs as Mario Batali, Martha Stewart, and Jamie Oliver. An all natural, healthy, product made of just 2 ingredients. Like a fine cigar, or a tasty caviar, Bottarga is a unique taste, you will never forget! Our "Sardinian Gold" is the authentic traditional Bottarga di Muggine, as prepared and consumed for generations in Sardinia. This exquisite, silky roe is cured to perfection by Italian Bottarga Masters. The result, a sublime delicacy sure to please the most discernible gastronomic palettes. Made by the worlds finest Bottarga producers in southern Sardinia, Italy. This product is sublime, a cut above the rest! Sold by exact weight. FREE SHIPPING!! "Sardinian Gold" ranges from 110 to 170 grams in size. We offer different sizes within that range on amazon. Price is based on weight, so you get exactly what you pay for. PREPARED IN A KOSHER FACILTY, WILD, ALL NATURAL, NO PRESERVATIVES! Superb grated over plain garlic pasta, or savor in thin slices. Also known as Karasumi, Avgotaharo, Batarekh, Bottarga di Muggine, Botargo, Boutargue, Botargo, Poutargue,Wuyuzi.


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